Product Overview


When it comes to feed, nutrition is our number one priority. For nearly 40 years, Larsen Farms has built a strong reputation in the livestock industry by providing high-grade, high-yield alfalfa with low stem moisture content, large leaf coverage, and the highest level of protein and nutrients available.

Our commitment to your livestock has never changed. And it never will.


What has changed is the way we get our hay to market. Larsen Farms has revolutionized the feed industry with technology that dramatically cuts costs, improves convenience, and maintains quality. As a result, we not only provide the best nutrition, we also provide the best value.

We have invested tremendous resources into producing the best feed possible. We continually grow and test new varieties of alfalfa on our farm, working directly with seed companies, livestock owners, and nutritionists to meet and exceed your expectations.


Larsen Farms pioneered the pre-shredded, recompressed 1000 lb. bale, so popular in the Florida Horse industry as the Pasture Bale or Paddock Block.


Once the alfalfa is trimmed, it is put through computer-controlled compression chambers, where the bales are compacted to half their original size.  This allows Larsen Farms to ship more hay in less space—so we keep our prices competitive, even when we ship across the country.


Our three-story, 120,000-square-foot hay terminal is one of the largest alfalfa storage facilities in the United States with space for 10,000 compressed tons of hay. The facility includes five loading docks where 10 railcars can be loaded at once.


Our patented shredder/compactor can process 20 tons of hay per hour, and allows us to fit nearly 100 tons into each railcar. By compacting our bales and using rail shipping, we cut your costs tremendously.  That is why we can be so price-competitive in the Eastern


We are so confident in our hay operations, we gladly guarantee the price, quality, and delivery of your hay. Larsen Farms helps you avoid annual price fluctuations and gives you the stability and quality you need from a feed supplier.